Illegal and unregulated gaming is a rapidly growing problem in the U.S. Sophisticated technology allows developers to circumvent vague or obsolete criminal gambling statutes, resulting in lost revenue for states and tribes. Moreover, it markedly increases risks for consumers, especially underage and problem gamblers. The best way to effectively protect states, tribes, and consumers from the harms of unregulated and illegal gambling is through a modernized regulatory framework appropriate for this modern era.  

Download Illegal & Unregulated Gambling in America: How New Game Designs Are Eroding State and Tribal Public Policy to learn more about the extent of the problem in the U.S., the technology that is driving it, the cause of its rapid expansion and the implications for consumers, states and tribes. GLI’s Vice-President of Government Relations & General Counsel, Kevin Mullally, provide the analysis along with a proposed regulatory framework for policymakers to consider to turn back the negative impacts of unregulated and illegal gambling.

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